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Wood, Samuel Andrew

(1890-1966) UK journalist and prolific author, mostly of thrillers, active in the Magazines from about 1911; he wrote four works of some interest, three of them Lost Race tales: The Isle of Forgotten People (1925) as by Thompson Cross, an unusually violent example of this subgenre set in a radium-rich ring of extinct volcanoes in China; Winged Heels (1927), in which a quest for a kidnapped woman leads into the heart of Central American Lost World territory; and The Aztec Temple (1955), unsurprisingly featuring ancient Aztecs. The short Frog stories, beginning with "Red Terror" (April-July 1933 Blue Book), feature a scamp protagonist in the USSR, where a nefarious Weapon or two is spiked. I'll Blackmail the World (August-November 1934 Blue Book as "The Man Who Bombed The World"; rev 1935) is a reworking of the airborne-pirate theme. [JE/JC]

see also: Crime and Punishment.

Samuel Andrew Wood

born Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire: 1890

died Hertfordshire: 21 April 1966



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