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Tolstaya, Tatyana

(1951-    ) Russian broadcaster, journalist and author, grand-daughter of Alexei Tolstoy; she should not be confused with Tatyana Sukhotina-Tolstaya (1864-1950), daughter of Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910); Tolstaya herself is Leo's great-grandniece. She is of sf interest for her first novel, Kys' (2000; trans Jamey Gambrell as The Slynx 2003), a fantasticated Utopia set in a Ruined Earth Russia 200 years hence, where Mutants are savagely oppressed, a nearly insane dictator rules Moscow, and the Slynx – rather like some ogre from Arthurian Britain oozing nescience – haunts the purlieux of the "civilized" world. The protagonist of the tale works as a scribe for the dictator, copying plagiarized manuscripts; his eventual discovery of a secret hoard of books triggers the modestly hopeful conclusion. [JC]

Tatyana Nikitichna Tolstaya

born Leningrad, USSR [now Saint Petersburg, Russia]: 3 May 1951


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