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Singh, Nalini

(1977-    ) Fiji-born author, in New Zealand from childhood, most of whose works can be described as romances, with her early singletons, beginning with Desert Warrior (2003), told without recourse to the supernatural [these titles are not given in the Checklist below]. Much of her later work can be subsumed under the Paranormal Romance label, though the series for which she is best known, the Psy-Changeling sequence beginning with Slave to Sensation (2006), makes efficient Equipoisal use of sf and fantasy topoi. The sequence is set in a Near Future America dominated by two groups: those with Psi Powers including Telepathy, who are trained under the Psy Council to exhibit no visible emotions; and the Shapeshifters, a miscellaneous grouping that includes Werewolves and other creatures from the toolkit. Though there are changes in the cast configuration, Singh's second series, the Guild Hunter sequence beginning with Angels' Blood (2009), is set in a world governed by angels through trained Vampire minions. In both series, romance elements govern the storylines. [JC]

Nalini Singh

born Suva, Fiji: 7 September 1977


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Guild Hunter


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