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Russell, Gary

(1963-    ) UK author who has concentrated almost exclusively on Ties for the Doctor Who universe, beginning with The New Adventures: Legacy (1994) in the Doctor Who: New Adventures sequence, his most recent title being Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos (2009); The Torchwood Archives (2008) is a tie to the Television spinoff series, Torchwood (2006-   ), set in a Steampunk version of Victorian England. Some of his nonfiction, including three books on the film versions of J R R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955), were not connected to Doctor Who. [JC]

Gary Russell

born Maidenhead, Berkshire: 18 September 1963




Doctor Who: New Adventures

Doctor Who: Missing Adventures

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Doctor Who: 8th Doctor

Sarah Jane Adventures


Professor Bernice Summerfield



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Lord of the Rings

works as editor


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