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Rees, Arthur J

(1872-1942) Australia author, later in the UK, whose first sf novel, The Shrieking Pit: Being the Mystery of the Golden Anchor Inn (1919), is a World War One thriller in which an Invention threatens to change the course of events. In his second, The Threshold of Fear: A Sober Fantasy (1925), which is told within a Club Story frame, a young man discovers an Asian Lost World, whose presiding magus brings him back from death; back in England, haunted by intimations that a personification of Death is about to call him back, he is examined by a modern psychiatrist (who soon dies mysteriously) as an example of abnormal Psychology. [JC]

Arthur John Rees

born St Kilda, Victoria: 23 September 1872

died Worthing, Sussex: 22 November 1942



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight.
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