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Preston, Douglas

(1956-    ) US author most of whose novels of sf interest have been with Lincoln Child; they are listed below for convenience, but for discussion see the entry for Child. The Wyman Ford sequence of Technothrillers, by Preston alone, comprises Blasphemy (2008), a Near Future tale in which a new supercollider threatens either to suck the world into a Black Hole or (which may be something like the same thing) speak to God, and Impact (2010), in which evidence is found on a moon of Mars of Extraterrestrial activity focused on Earth. [JC]

Douglas Preston

born Cambridge, Massachusetts: 26 May 1956





Pendergast: Diogenes Trilogy

Pendergast: Gideon

Pendergast: Nora Kelly

Wyman Ford

Gideon Crew: Ice Limit

individual titles


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