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Poe, Stephen Edward

(1936-2000) US advertising man and author, author of the nonfiction work The Making of Star Trek (1968) as by Stephen E Whitfield (the surname being his stepfather's) and Gene Roddenberry, producer of the original Star Trek series which is the book's subject. The idea for the book was Poe's, as indeed was the actual writing; but Roddenberry gave considerable help and support and is credited along with Whitfield on the cover. Poe's second book, A Vision of the Future – Star Trek: Voyager (1998), appeared under his own name and focuses on the making of Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001). [JC/DRL]

Stephen Edward Poe

born 18 March 1936

died Reno, Nevada: 6 January 2000



Star Trek


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