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Mullin, Chris

Working name of UK politician (Labour member of Parliament for Sunderland South, 1987-2010) and author Christopher John Mullin (1947-    ), whose loose Harry Perkins series begins with A Very British Coup (1982), a tale of justified Paranoia which depicts with fixated clarity the ultimately successful Near-Future US efforts to subvert a potential change for the better in the UK Government (see Politics). In the 1988 Television version by Alan Plater, the forced resignation that terminates the novel is significantly altered: after the prime minister refuses to resign, a military coup begins. The sequel, The Friends of Harry Perkins (2019), set almost entirely in the UK six years after a disastrous departure from the European Community, envisions a corrupt land dominated by a tyrannical Conservative party, with a warmongering America clouding an increasingly chaotic world. [JC]

Christopher John Mullin

born Chelmsford, Essex: 12 December 1947




Harry Perkins


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight.
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