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Muir, Tamsyn

(?   -    ) Australian-born author, in New Zealand since infancy and in the UK from some point after 2010, who began publishing work of genre interest with "The House that Made the Sixteen Loops of Time" in Fantasy Magazine for February 2011, most of her subsequent short fiction being fantasy. Her first novel, Gideon the Ninth (in Publishing 2019 Debut Sampler: Some of the Most Exciting New Voices in Science Fiction and Fantasy, anth 2019 ebook; much exp 2019), begins the projected Ninth sequence set in an interstellar empire described in terms that strike an Equipoise between Sword and Sorcery and Space Opera. Spaceships coexist with swordplay, and reanimated skeletons abound. The protagonist, Gideon Nav, is indented to the Ninth of the great Houses intricately entwined in the 10,000 year rule of the current galactic emperor; Gideon finds herself enmeshed with the young female Secret Master of the Ninth House in a quest for Transcendence mandated by the God-Emperor; there are challenges following the pattern of the traditional country-house murder, with members of competing teams from the various Houses being picked off one by one by an unknown killer. The universe of Ninth is complex, icon-haunted, perilous. Gideon the Ninth won a Locus Award as best first novel. The sequel is Harrow the Ninth (2020) and a third volume, «Alecto the Ninth», is projected. [JC]

Tamsyn Muir

born New Zealand






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