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McConkey, James

(1921-2019) US academic and author of a desultory Postmodern Dystopia, Kayo: The Authentic and Annotated Autobiographical Novel from Outer Space (1987), a story within a story within a story told ultimately by a narrator whose name – Ohcnas, Sancho [Panza] spelled backwards – and whose crime – he kills the Nod – confesses McConkey's Satirical, deflating intent. The Alternate-World version of America presented inter alia is of a nightmare of theme parks quintessentialized into a single, overarching, poisonous Keep. [JC]

James Rodney McConkey

born Cuyahoga, Ohio: 2 September 1921

died 24 October 2018



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight.
Accessed 14:51 pm on 6 December 2021.