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Kennealy, Patricia

Working name of US rock critic and author Patricia Kennely (1946-    ) until 1994, when she began to write as Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, which she took as her legal name some time after her "marriage" to rock singer Jim Morrison (1943-1971) in 1970; she appeared in a cameo role in Oliver Stone's film The Doors (1991). Her sf oscillates – in a manner common to much 1980s work – between fantasy and sf, in the end seeming more the former than the latter. However, her Keltiad sequence – The Copper Crown (1985), The Throne of Scone (1986) and The Silver Branch (1988) – is set in space, being an expansive Space-Opera reworking of the Arthurian Cycle. A second sequence, the Tales of Arthur, beginning with The Hawk's Gray Feather (1990) and The Oak Above the Rings (1994) as by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, is set 1000 or so years before the first; the tale is set on a single world and a Planetary-Romance idiom dominates, so it is hard to read the book as sf. The marriage of modes, however, remains of genuine potential interest. [JC]

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

born New York: 4 March 1946





Keltiad: Tales of Arthur


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