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Janes, Phil

(circa 1959-    ) US author of the comic Galaxy Game sf sequence comprising The Galaxy Game (1993), Fission Impossible (1993) and I, Arnold: Round Three of the Galaxy Game (1995), featuring the adventures of the harum-scarum crew of a new Starship who discover that the galaxy is run as a Godgame by quasi-deities who play with us for their sport. The crew (which includes a cranky comic Computer called Arnold, later embodied in Android form) is assigned some Mission Impossible tasks, and goes about accomplishing them. Billed as being in the sf Humour tradition of Douglas Adams and Red Dwarf, the sequence is rather less amusing than either. [JC/DRL]

Phil Janes

born circa 1959 [age given as 34 on back flap of Fission Impossible]




Galaxy Game


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