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Ecklar, Julia

(1964-    ) US songwriter, Filk-singer and author, initially best known for a vinyl album, Divine Intervention (1986), which she wrote and performed. She began writing work of genre interest with "The Music Box" for Analog in September 1989, and soon published the first of her Star Trek Ties, Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru (1989). Her subsequent contributions to the Star Trek universe have been in collaboration with Karen Rose Cercone, the two writing together as L A Graf (whom see for full details), beginning with Star Trek: Ice Trap (1992). Ecklar won the John W Campbell Award for best new writer in 1991, and in ReGeneration (coll of linked stories 1995) began the Noah's Ark sequence about a long mission to preserve species removed from the Ruined Earth and spread across the galaxy. No further volumes have appeared. [JC]

Julia Marie Ecklar

born Greenville, Ohio: 14 March 1964



Solo works only; for collaborations as by L A Graf, see that entry.


Star Trek

individual titles


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