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Costello, Matthew J

(1948-    ) US author, almost exclusively of fantasy and horror, under his own name, which is sometimes given as Matt Costello, and as by Chris Blaine and Shane Christopher; he began publishing fiction of genre interest with Sleep Tight (1987), a rather mild-mannered horror novel for Young Adult readers, and has continued in this vein prolifically. Of sf interest is the Time Warrior sequence beginning with Time Warrior #1: Time of the Fox (1990), featuring the Time Travel adventures (and world time-line maintaining exploits) of two adolescents trapped initially in World War Two, though their attempts to keep the history of the world stable take them back, as well, to the time of King Arthur. Also of some sf interest are seaQuest DSV: The Fire Below (1994) and King Kong: The Island of the Skull (2005), the latter being set before the events of the remake of King Kong (2005) itself. [JC]

see also: Doom; Gamebook.

Matthew John Costello

born 1948

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