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Champetier, Joël

(1957-2015) French-Canadian author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Le Chemin des Fleurs" ["The Way of the Flowers"] for Solaris in 1981, and who published several sf and fantasy novels of interest in French from 1990. La Taupe et le Dragon (1990; rev 1999; trans Jean-Louis Trudel as The Dragon's Eye 1999) is set on a colony world founded and run by Chinese from a Hong Kong-like enclave; the complex plot – involving Earth attempts to control rebellious elements in the colony, which is heavily in debt to the home planet – moves towards a realistic and subdued climax. A later novel, La Peau Blanche ["White Skin"] (1997), Equipoisal among sf, fantasy and the surreal with a flavour of the Vampire mythos, was filmed in 2004 and released in English as White Skin (2004). Champetier was long involved with Solaris, of which he was managing editor at the time of his death. [JC]

Joël Champetier

born Abitibi, Québec: 30 November 1957

died St-Tite, Québec: 30 May 2015


French-language titles are highly selected.


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