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Carriger, Gail

Pseudonym of US archaeologist and author Tofa Borregaard (1976-    ), who published some early short fiction under her real name, beginning with "A Kind of Malice" in Space and Time for 1999. As Carriger, she has focused almost exclusively on the Parasol Protectorate sequence – the central volumes of which are Soulless (2009), Changeless (2010), Blameless (2010), Heartless (2011) and Timeless (2012) – set in a blamelessly Equipoisal Alternate World version of Victorian London; the various generic elements, including a cadre of sometimes comically anguished Immortal Vampires and Werewolves, are modulated through Steampunk tropes, with Airships frequently in evidence. Though there are also elements of paranormal romance in this medley, an element of polished though unsharp farce lightens the mix. A sense that the cast as a whole have assumed roles for the duration of their immersion in this world is complemented by a sense that Borregaard treats her own pseudonym in the same light: in an interview (September 2010 Locus), she stated that "Gail [Carriger] is a brand like Coca-Cola is a brand – with an image, a mission statement and all that".

A second series connected to the Parasol Protectorate world, the Finishing School school sequence beginning with Etiquette & Espionage (2013), is designed for the Young Adult market. [JC]

Tofa Borregaard

born Bolinas, California: 4 May 1976




Parasol Protectorate

Parasol Protectorate: The Manga

Parasol Protectorate: Finishing School

Parasol Protectorate: The Custard Protocol

Parasol Protectorate: Delightfully Deadly

Supernatural Society

San Andreas Shifters

Claw and Courtship

Tinkered Stars


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