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Bolt, Morgan J

(1991-2018) US author whose early (and soon fatal) experience with cancer is recorded in Cancer Just Is: Confessions of a 20-Something Exploring His Illness, Faith and Culture (2018). The Young Adult Tamyth trilogy, beginning with The Rise of Gnurlbane (2013), is fantasy, notable for its geographical sweep and a complexly diversified cast. He is of sf interest for The Favored (2018), a Young Adult distant Near Future Dystopian tale set in a stratified world under the restrictive theological diktats of the Religion now tyrannizing human beings. In an attempt to find himself, and to discover the true nature of the enclave he has inhabited, he escapes. [JC]

Morgan J Bolt

born South Bend, Indiana: 17 September 1991

died 18 December 2018




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