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Banks, Raymond E

(1918-1996) US businessman who began writing with the fantasy story "The Sad Room" for Esquire in November 1946, billed as that Slick magazine's "discovery of the month"; he began again with "Never Trust an Intellectual" for Dynamic Science Fiction in June 1953, publishing at least 30 additional stories in the next decade. His novels are Sex-dominated Planetary Romances or Space Operas, all as by Ralph Burch (for various vts see Checklist below). They include Lust of the Swampmen (1978), Lust in Space (1978) and Duplicate Lovers (1980). [JC]

Raymond Eugene Banks

born Missouri: 8 November 1918

died Los Angeles, California: 3 August 1996



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight.
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