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Adrian, Jack

Pseudonym of UK editor and author Christopher Lowder (1945-    ) who wrote several sf and fantasy Comic strips and stories for boys' comics and papers in the 1970s and early 1980s while working for IPC/Fleetway. These include the controversial "Kids Rule OK" for Action (see Boys' Papers), "Adam Eterno" for Thunder and Lion, "Van Helsing" for The House of Hammer, "Timequake" and "Ro-Busters" for Starlord, "Victor Drago" for Tornado, and "Dan Dare", "Invasion", "Judge Dredd", "Tharg's Future Shocks" and "Time Twisters" for 2000 AD. He also co-wrote, with artist Kevin O'Neill, the 12-page Small Press comic book Mek Memoirs (graph 1976 chap), about a Robot war; this was self-published by O'Neill. Some of Adrian's fantasy writings appeared anonymously, as was the case for "The Spellbinder", a text story in Lion Annual 1974; others appeared under the pen-names Bill Henry, James R Montague and T G Cribbling. Following his separation from his first wife he became a freelance author and moved from London to a small village in the Malvern foothills where he developed his interest in bibliographic research. Almost all his work as an editor and bibliographic scholar – much of it of considerable importance – has been focused on fantasy, specifically on Supernatural Fiction [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Of sf interest is Deathlands #1: Pilgrimage to Hell (1987) with Laurence James, writing together as James Axler. [JE/JC]

Christopher Adrian Jervais Lowder

born 1945



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