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 William R Forstchen and Christopher Stasheff. Wing Commander: End Run (New York: Baen Books, 1994)

 Christopher Stasheff. Escape Velocity (New York: Ace Books, 1983)

 Christopher Stasheff. King Kobold (New York: Ace Books, 1969)

 Christopher Stasheff. King Kobold Revived (New York: Ace Books, 1984)

 Christopher Stasheff. Mind Out of Time (Waterville, Maine: Five Star, 2003)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Spell-Bound Scholar (New York: Ace Books, 1999)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock Enraged (New York: Ace Books, 1985)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock in Spite of Himself (New York: Ace Books, 1969)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock Insane (New York: Ace Books, 1989)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock Wandering (New York: Ace Books, 1986)

 Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock's Companion (New York: Ace Books, 1988)

 Christopher Stasheff. A Wizard and a Warlord (New York: Tor, 2000)

 Christopher Stasheff. A Wizard in Bedlam (Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1979)

 Christopher Stasheff. A Wizard in the Way (New York: Tor, 2000)

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