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 Jim Emerson. Futures Past: 1927: Dawn of the SF Blockbuster (Indianapolis, Indiana: The Write Answer, 2021)

 Jim Emerson. Futures Past: 1926: The Birth of Modern Science Fiction (Indianapolis, Indiana: The Write Answer, 2020)

 Danielle Lainton and Louise Coquio, editors. Pashterina's Peacocks (Stafford, Staffordshire: Immanion Press, 2021)

 Farah Naz Rishi. I Hope You Get This Message (New York: HarperTeen, 2019)

 Richard Matheson. Professor Fritz and the Runaway House (Springfield, Pennsylvania: Gauntlet Press, 2002)

 Robert Bloch. The Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 3: Last Rites (New York: Citadel Twilight, 1990)

 Robert Bloch. The Complete Stories of Robert Bloch, Volume 2: Bitter Ends (New York: Citadel Twilight, 1990)

 Michael Swanwick. Rainbow Clause (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Dragonstairs Press, 2020)

 Philip José Farmer. Greatheart Silver and Other Pulp Heroes (London: Meteor House, 2019)

 Joseph Conrad. At the Door of Darkness (London: Sangrail Press, 2020)

 Catherynne M Valente. Comfort Me With Apples (New York: Tor.com, 2021)

 Benjamin Percy. The Unfamiliar Garden (New York: Harper Collins Mariner, 2022)

 Jean Lorrain. Nightmares of an Ether-Drinker (Leyburn, North Yorkshire: Tartarus Press, 2002)

 Yoon Ha Lee. Tiger Honor (New York: Disney, 2022)

 Caitlín Kiernan. Vile Affections (Burton, Michigan: Subterranean Press, 2021)

 August Derleth. Caitlin (Iowa City, Iowa: The Prairie Press, 1969)

 Neil Clarke and Sean Wallace, editors. Clarkesworld Year Twelve: Volume Two (Stirling, New Jersey: Wyrm Publishing, 2021)

 Neil Clarke and Sean Wallace, editors. Clarkesworld Year Twelve: Volume One (Stirling, New Jersey: Wyrm Publishing, 2021)

 Neil Clarke, editor. The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 6 (New York: Night Shade Books, 2021)

 Paul D'voi. Miss Musketeer (Encino, California: Black Coat Press, 2022)

 Kimberly Unger. Nucleation (San Francisco, California: Tachyon Publications, 2020)

 Jacob Weisman and David Sandner, editors. The Treasury of the Fantastic: Romanticism to Early Twentieth Century Literature (San Francisco, California: Tachyon Publications/Berkeley, California: Frog, 2001)

 Caitlín R Kiernan. La Belle Fleur Sauvage: Plague of the Womb (Ashland, Oregon: Dark Regions Press, 2019)

 John Kessel. Pride and Prometheus (New York: Simon and Schuster/Saga Press, 2018)

 James Patrick Kelly. King of the Dogs, Queen of the Cats (Burton, Michigan: Subterranean Press, 2020)

 David G Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, editors. Year's Best Fantasy 7 (San Francisco, California: Tachyon Publications, 2007)

 Cory Doctorow. With a Little Help (London: CorDoc-Co/Sweet Home Grindstone Press, 2010)

 Grania Davis and Gene Van Troyer, editors. Speculative Japan: Outstanding Tales of Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy (Tokyo: Kurodahan Press, 2007)

 Mike Chen. A Beginning at the End (Toronto, Ontario: Harlequin/Mira, 2020)

 Christopher Brown. Failed State (New York: Harper Voyager, 2020)

 Terry Bisson. Any Day Now (Woodstock, New York: Overlook, 2012)

 Elly Bangs. Unity (San Francisco, California: Tachyon, 2021)

 Charlie Jane Anders. Victories Greater than Death (New York: Tor Teen, 2021)

 Rae Carson. The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories (New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books, 2014)

 Rae Carson. The Crown of Embers (New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books, 2012)

 Wlliam Horwood. The Stonor Eagles (London: Country Life, 1982)

 Wlliam Horwood. Duncton Quest (London: Century, 1988)

 Wlliam Horwood. Callanish (London: Allen Lane, 1984)

 Rick DeMarinis. Mama's Boy (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2010)

 Rick DeMarinis. Jack & Jill: Two Novellas and a Story (New York: E P Dutton, 1979)

 Rick DeMarinis. The Coming Triumph of the Free World (New York: Viking, 1988)

 Rick DeMarinis. A Clod of Wayward Marl (Tucson, Arizona: Dennis McMillan Publications, 2001)

 Rick DeMarinis. Cinder (New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1978)

 Rick DeMarinis. Apocalypse Then: Stories (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2004)

 William Horwood. The Willows at Christmas (London: HarperCollins, 1999)

 William Horwood. The Willows in Winter (London: HarperCollins, 1993)

 William Horwood. The Willows and Beyond (London: HarperCollins, 1996)

 William Horwood. Toad Triumphant (London: HarperCollins, 1995)

 William Horwood. Skallagrigg (London: Viking, 1987)

 Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple. The Last Tsar's Dragon (San Francisco, California: Tachyon Publications, 2019)

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