Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Zimmer, Paul Edwin

(1943-1997) US writer, brother of Marion Zimmer Bradley, with whom he wrote his first novels, a pair of sf adventures. A fantasy series by PEZ alone is often known as Dark Border from the single volume entitled «The Dark Border», split for publication into the two volumes of The Carcosa CycleThe Lost Prince (1982) and King Chondos' Ride (1982) – about two brothers tussling for their inheritance in a magical kingdom. A Gathering of Heroes (1987) and Ingulf the Mad (1989), are both set in Dark Border country (the second preceding the first) but have little further connection. All these are enlivened by the author's detailed knowledge of swordsmanship. Other fantasy singletons are Woman of the Elfmounds (dated 1979 but 1980) and Blood of the Colyn Muir (1988), with Jon DeCles. [JC/DP]

Paul Edwin Zimmer


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