Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Yourcenar, Marguerite

Pseudonym of French writer Marguerite de Crayencour (1903-1987), who remains best-known in English-speaking lands for her Mémoires d'Hadrien (1951; trans Grace Frick with MY as Memoirs of Hadrian 1954 US), an historical meditation. MY had a long career. Le Jardin des chimères ["The Garden of Chimaeras"] (1921) is a dialogue in verse on the subject of Icarus. Feux (coll 1936; rev 1968; trans as Fires 1981 US) assembles prose poems which meditate, through abstract narratives featuring Greek characters, on the relationship between myth and love. Nouvelles orientales (coll 1938; rev 1963; exp 1978; trans Alberto Manguel with MY as Oriental Tales 1985 UK) is a set of Oriental Fantasies which deals sophisticatedly of similar material. In L'Oeuvre au noir (1968; trans as The Abyss 1976 US), set in Renaissance Italy, a Faust-like Magus attempts through Alchemy to gain an occult understanding and control over the cosmos. [JC]

Marguerite de Crayencour


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