Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Young Again

US movie (1986 tvm). Sharmhill/Disney. Pr Steven H Stern. Dir Stern. Screenplay Barbara Hall. Starring Jack Gilford (Angel), Keanu Reeves (Mick Riley at 17), Jessica Steen (Tracy Gordon), Robert Urich (Mick Riley at 40), Lindsay Wagner (Laura Gordon). 85 mins. Colour.

Thanks to a Wish foolishly expressed in front of an Angel, 40-year-old Riley becomes his 17-year-old self, but in the present. As a teenager he falls in love all over again with the girl, Laura, he used to date, who is now in her late 30s. A second wish makes him 40 again, and now he can win her heart. This is by no means a bad Identity-Exchange movie, yet eventually is conquered by its own blandness. [JG]

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