Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Wylie, Jonathan

Joint pseudonym of married UK writers Mark Smith (1952-    ) and Julia Smith (1955-    ). While working for a UK publishing house, they established themselves as competent writers of Genre Fantasy with the Servants of Ark trilogy – The First Named (1987), The Centre of the Circle (1987) and The Mage-Born Child (1988) – and the Unbalanced Earth trilogy – Dreams of Stone (1989), The Lightless Kingdom (1989) and The Age of Chaos (1989). Turning freelance, they produced Dream-Weaver (1991) and Shadow-Maze (1992; 1994 in US as by Mark and Julia Smith), which showed an increase in originality and density of imagination. These were followed by the Island and Empire trilogy – Dark Fire (1993), Echoes of Flame (1994) and The Last Augury (1994) – and two further singletons, Other Lands (1995) and Across the Flame (1996). With their liking for young protagonists who win through, the JW team has proven itself more than capable of delivering the customary escapist pleasures to a youthful readership. [DP]

Mark Smith

Julia Smith


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