Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Woodroffe, Patrick

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(1940-2014) UK artist, designer, etcher, painter and illustrator of fantasy and sf subjects with a meticulous, obsessive hatch-and-stipple line style and a finely detailed, richly coloured painting style. His work is fanciful and often poetic, with elements of the surreal, and with images of pubescent girl dolls in lace underwear a recurring motif. His influences include Salvador Dalí and Hieronymus Bosch, and his early work shows his affinity with the 1960s illustrator Alan Aldridge. He is also a typographer.

PW became a freelance artist and illustrator in 1972. He has produced hundreds of book and magazine covers and record-sleeve designs. Books of his work include: Mythopoeikon (graph 1976; cut vt P.W. 1994); The Adventures of Tinker, the Hole-Eating Duck (graph 1979), juvenile; Pentateuch (graph 1980; rev vt The Second Earth: The Pentateuch Retold 1987) with text by Dave Greenslade; Hallelujah Anyway (coll 1984), poetry; Micky's New Home (graph ?1985), juvenile; The Dorbott of Vacuo, or How to Live with the Fluxus Quo (graph 1987); and Pastures in the Sky (graph 1993). [RT]

further reading: A Closer Look (graph 1986) by PW examines his techniques.

Patrick Woodroffe


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