Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Wongar, B

Pseudonym of Serbian-born writer Sreten Bozic (1932-    ), from 1960 in Australia, where he spent several years living with the Aborigines, eventually taking an Aboriginal name for his writing, all of which reflects and meditates upon their life. His first novel, The Trackers (1975), makes explicit metaphorical use of his own situation, being the tale of a white man who awakens one morning with black skin, encounters Aborigines, identifies with them, and begins to understand the "darkness" of their fate. The Nuclear TrilogyWalg (1983), Karan (1985) and Gabo Djara (1987) – carries on the theme of Metamorphosis. In the first volume an Aboriginal woman escapes the white world and gives birth to her child in the true Land. In the second a male Aborigine similarly escapes, and is transformed into a Tree. The third recasts the whole history of loss through the aeon-spanning story of the eponymous ant, who manifests the land. [JC]

other works: Aboriginal Myths (anth 1972) as Streten Bozic with Alan Marshall (1902-1984); The Track to Bralgu (coll 1978); Babaru (coll 1982); Marngit (coll 1992).

Sreten Bozic


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