Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Wonder Woman [1974]

US movie (1974 tvm). ABC/Warner. Pr John G Stephens. Exec pr John D F Black. Dir Vincent McEveety. Screenplay Black. Starring Cathy Lee Crosby (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Kaz Garas (Steve Trevor), Ricardo Montalban (Abner Smith), Andrew Prine (George Calvin). circa 75 mins. Colour.

Sent from an all-woman island community of immortals to persuade the outside world that it should recognize women's sensitivity over the crassness of men, Diana becomes secretary to Trevor (who knows much of her secret) at the War Department, taking the name Diana Prince. She recovers stolen lists of spies from international arch-crook Smith and his psychopathic sidekick Calvin. The plot is complicated by Angela, another woman from the island, who has come into our world intent on crime. The fantasy elements in this cheaply made movie almost always occur off-screen; WW's superpowers are restricted to keen vision, skill in martial arts and strongness. Aside from the fantasy premise, this is barely distinguishable from other trendy spy/crime capers of the time. [JG]

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