Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Willo the Wisp

UK animated tv series (1981-1982). BBC. Created by Nicholas Spargo, with characters by D N and P M Spargo. Voice actors Kenneth Williams (all voices). 24 5min episodes. Colour.

Although designed for the pre-suppertime children's slot, this rapidly became a cult programme for parents. The Liminal Being Willo the Wisp overlooks Doyley Woods, Oxfordshire, UK, where various strangenesses occur. Regular characters are Arthur (a Cockney caterpillar), Mavis Cruet (a Fairy best described in her presence as "plumpish" rather than with the "f" word), Evil Edna (a Witch who resembles a tv set with legs, and who loathes everyone) and The Beast (a handsome prince in bestial Bondage). The animation was both rudimentary and brilliant. WTW was rarely uninventive and always very funny; a typical side-character was The Rabbit From Watership Down-Under. [JG]

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