Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Williamson, Philip G

(1955-    ) UK writer whose first novels were two dark contemporary Satires, The Great Pervader (1985) and Dark Night (1989), both as Philip First; under that name he also assembled a collection of similar stories, Paper Thin and Other Stories (coll 1987). As an author of fantasy, PGW has concentrated exclusively upon various books in the overall Firstworld sequence. The Firstworld ChroniclesDinbig of Khimmur (1990), The Legend of Shadd's Torment (1993) and From Enchantery (1993) – is a sustained narrative, almost always focused upon Dinbig of Khimmur, a Wizard, adventurer and spy. The further Firstworld volumes – Moonblood (1993), Heart of Shadows (1994) and Citadel (1995) – share some of the same characters and venues, but are set earlier. There is an underlying sense of seriousness of purpose. [JC]

Philip George Williamson


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