Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Williams, Michael

(1952-    ) US writer and poet known initially for his contributions to the DragonLance Heroes series of Game-ties – Weasel's Luck * (1989), Galen Beknighted * (1990) and The Oath and the Measure * (1991) – mainly concerning the adventures of the cynical hero Galen Pathwarden. His poems appeared in various DragonLance titles ed Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, and his short stories for anthologies edited by the same duo. A non-tie trilogy, From Thief to KingA Sorcerer's Apprentice (1990), A Forest Lord (1991) and The Balance of Power (1992) – concerns the education into magic and spiritual kingship of another hero, Brennart of Maraven. A religious subtext underlies these and other works. Further DragonLance ties have been written in collaboration with Teri Williams, including Before the Mask * (1993) and The Dark Queen * (1994), but MW's most ambitious novel to date is Arcady (1996), which bases its fantasy world on the religious mythology of William Blake. MW should not be confused with the sf novelist Michael Lindsay Williams (1940-    ). [DP]

Michael Leon Williams


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