Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Willey, Elizabeth

(1960-    ) US writer whose ongoing Prospero sequence – The Well-Favored Man: The Tale of the Sorcerer's Nephew (1994), A Sorcerer and a Gentleman (1995) and The Price of Blood and Honor (1996) – constitutes an unusually complex Dynastic Fantasy set in a plurality of worlds, though mainly in the land of Landuc, where generation-long conflicts attend Prospero's killing of his father, King Panurgus. The names of protagonists and places give a sense of rich fabric to the long tale – though at points one also senses that EW does not always have her Multiverse under full control – and variously archaic Dictions are used with astuteness to signal the age of various featured characters (some extremely old). In the second volume, exiled to his Island, Prospero has created out of the beasts and fishes a new race of humans, who go to war on his behalf for control of Landuc and of the well which sorts the various worlds while also having to do with the granting of something like Immortality to favoured individuals. [JC]

see also: Fantasy of Manners.

Elizabeth Willey


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