Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Wilder, Cherry

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Pseudonym of New Zealand-born writer Cherry Barbara Grimm, née Lockett (1930-2002), in Australia 1954-1976 and then in Germany. After publishing short fiction and poetry she turned to sf and fantasy, and chose the name Wilder. Her first four novels are sf, but she produced a major work of fantasy in her Rulers of Hylor trilogy: A Princess of the Chameln (1984 US), Yorath the Wolf (1984 US) and The Summer's King (1986 US). At first, this has a deceptively conventional appearance – the young ruler of a peaceful, magical country is threatened by enemies of great power and ruthlessness – but the language and characterization mark the narrative as superior to most fantasies of its sort. However, CW's most significant achievements may lie in her subtle short stories, many on the borderline between sf and fantasy. A too-rare sampling in book form is Dealers in Light and Darkness (coll 1995 US). [DP]

Other work: Cruel Designs (1988 UK), horror.

Cherry Barbara Grimm, née Lockett


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