Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
When Things Were Rotten

US tv series (1975). Paramount/ABC. Pr Norman Steinberg. Exec pr Mel Brooks. Dir Bruce Bilson, Marty Feldman, Peter H Hunt, Jerry Paris, Coby Ruskin, Joshua Shelley. Writers John Boni, Brooks, Norman Stiles and many others. Created by Boni, Brooks, Stiles. Starring Richard Dimitri (Bertram/Renaldo), Dick Gautier (Robin Hood), Jane A Johnston (Princess Isabelle), Bernie Kopell (Allan-A-Dale), Henry Polic II (Lord Hubert, Sheriff of Nottingham), Ron Rifkin (Prince John), Misty Rowe (Maid Marian), David Sabin (Little John), Dick Van Patten (Friar Tuck). 13 30min episodes. Colour.

A Brooks-style wacky version of the Robin Hood legend featuring a dimwitted Robin and equally dimwitted Merry Men, plus a dumb-blonde Marian. The villains were likewise caricatures. Brooks's Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) might be regarded as a natural follow-up. [BC]

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