Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Weis, Margaret

(1948-    ) US writer, known mainly for her novels and short stories in collaboration with role-playing-Game designer Tracy Hickman. The earlier of these fall into various game-tie sequences: the DragonLance ChroniclesDragons of Autumn Twilight * (1984), Dragons of Winter Night * (1985) and Dragons of Spring Dawning * (1985) – assembled as DragonLance Chronicles * (omni 1988); the DragonLance LegendsTime of the Twins * (1986), War of the Twins * (1986) and Test of the Twins * (1986) – assembled as DragonLance Legends * (omni 1988); and associated volumes such as DragonLance Adventures * (coll 1987), The Magic of Krynn * (anth 1987), Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes * (anth 1987), Love and War * (anth 1987) – the last three titles gathered in DragonLance Tales * (omni 1991) – The Reign of Istar * (anth 1992), The Cataclysm * (anth 1992), The War of the Lance * (anth 1992), The Dragons of Krynn * (1994) and DragonLance: The Second Generation * (coll 1994). The considerable commercial success of the early DragonLance books encouraged MW and her collaborator to venture out of the realm of game ties and to essay a similar type of light fantasy adventure in series format, beginning with the Darksword trilogy – Forging the Darksword (1988), Doom of the Darksword (1988) and Triumph of the Darksword (1988) – continuing with the Rose of the Prophet trilogy – The Will of the Wanderer (1989), The Paladin of the Night (1989) and The Prophet of Akhran (1989) – and concluding with the lengthier Death Gate CycleDragon Wing (1990), Elven Star (1990), Fire Sea (1991), Serpent Mage (1992), The Hand of Chaos (1993), Into the Labyrinth (1993) and The Seventh Gate (1994). Without Hickman, MW next tried her hand at a form of fantasy-flavoured space opera (in the vein of the Star Wars movies) in the Star of the Guardians tetralogy – The Lost King (1990), King's Test (1991), King's Sacrifice (1991) and Ghost Legion (1993) – and, with the aid of a new collaborator, Don Perrin, its follow-up Knights of the Black Earth series, commencing with The Knights of the Black Earth (1995) and Robot Blues (1996). [DP]

other works: Endless Catacombs, as Margaret Baldwin Weis (1984); Riddle of the Griffin, as Susan Lawson, with Roger E Moore (1985); The Art of Dungeons & Dragons, as Margaret Baldwin Weis (1985), nonfiction; Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home: The Complete Krynn Source Book, with Hickman and Mary L Kirchoff (1987), nonfiction; A Dragon Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (anth 1994).

Margaret Edith Weis


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