Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Weinberg, Robert

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(1946-2016) US author, editor, bookseller and collector who has worked extensively in the sf, fantasy, horror, mystery and Western fields. A prolific writer, RW sold his first story in 1967 and has since worked as a freelance newspaper journalist, contributed hundreds of articles to books and magazines and edited over 120 volumes, including various anthologies with Martin H Greenberg and Stefan R Dziemianowicz. Also well known for his nonfiction, RW won the World Fantasy Award for The Weird Tales Story (anth 1977; exp of WT50 1974) and again for his exhaustive Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction Artists (1988). His A Logical Magician (1994; vt A Modern Magician UK) and its sequel A Calculated Magic (1995), involving a mathematician in modern Chicago who finds himself working for Merlin, are humorous fantasy adventures in the tradition of Unknown and the stories of L Sprague de Camp. RW has written several horror novels and a number of fantasy Game ties. His contribution to later incarnations of Weird Tales has been important. [SJ]

other works: The Hero Pulp Index (1971), nonfiction; The Annotated Guide to Robert E. Howard (1978), nonfiction; The Devil's Auction (1988); The Black Lodge (1990); The Armageddon Box (1990); The Dead Man's Kiss (1992); The Louis L'Amour Companion (1992), nonfiction; Vampire Diary (1995); Blood War (1995); Unholy Allies (1995); The Unbeholden (1996); The Road to Hell (1996).

as editor: Far Below (anth 1974); Famous Pulp Classics #1 (anth 1974); The Man Behind Doc Savage (anth 1974), nonfiction; Famous Fantastic Classics #1 (anth 1975); Famous Fantastic Classics #2 (anth 1975); The Adventures of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976) by Seabury Quinn; The Casebook of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976) by Quinn; The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976) by Quinn; The Hellfire Files of Jules de Grandin (coll 1976) by Quinn; Lost Fantasies #4 (anth 1976); The Horror Chambers of Jules de Grandin (coll 1977) by Quinn; Lost Fantasies #5 (anth 1977); Lost Fantasies #6 (anth 1977); Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors (anth 1988) with Dziemianowicz and Greenberg; Lovecraft's Legacy (anth 1990) with Greenberg; Rivals of Weird Tales (anth 1990), Famous Fantastic Mysteries (anth 1991), Weird Vampire Tales (anth 1992), A Taste for Blood (anth 1992), The Mists from Beyond (anth 1993), Nursery Crimes (anth 1993), 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories (anth 1993), To Sleep, Perchance to Dream ... Nightmare (anth 1993), 100 Creepy Little Creatures (anth 1994), 100 Wild Little Weird Tales (anth 1994) and Between Time and Terror (anth 1995) all with Dziemianowicz and Greenberg; Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories (anth 1995) with Greenberg and Jill Morgan; 100 Vicious Little Vampires (anth 1995) and 100 Wicked Little Witches (anth 1995) with Dziemianowicz and Greenberg; Miskatonic (anth 1996) with Greenberg; Rivals of Dracula (anth 1996), Virtuous Vampires (anth 1996), 100 Astonishing Little Aliens (anth 1996), 100 Tiny Little Terrors (anth 1996) and 365 Scary Stories (anth 1997) with Dziemianowicz and Greenberg.

Robert Edward Weinberg


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