Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ward, Christopher

(1868-1943) US writer whose Twisted Tales (coll 1924) contains various Parodies, one being of H G Wells's The Dream (1924). He is better known for his book-length parody of David Garnett's Lady Into Fox (1922 chap), told in a Diction which if anything improves on Garnett's own rendering of 18th-century modes. Its title gives the gist of the thing: Gentleman Into Goose: Being the Exact and True Account of Mr Timothy Teapot Gent., of Puddleditch, in Dorset, that was Changed to a great Grey Gander at the wish of his Wife. How, though a Gander, he did wear Breeches and Smoak a Pipe. How he near lost his life to his Dog Tyger. You have, also an Account of his Gallantries with a Goose, very Diverting to Read, with many other Surprizing Adventures, full of Wonder and Merriment, and a Full Relation of the Manner of his Sad Dismal End. Worthy to be had in all Families for a Warning to Wives and by all Batchelors intending Marriage (1924 chap). [JC]

Christopher Longstreth Ward


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