Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Walker, Wendy

(1951-    ) US writer whose first collection, The Sea-Rabbit, or The Artist of Life (coll 1988) applies an alchemy of Feminism to the conventions of fantasy and fable. Her elaborate The Secret Service (1992) recounts the efforts of English spies to undo a conspiracy against the young King of England in an Alternate-World 19th-century. The spies have the power to shapeshift (> Shapeshifters). Walker's brilliant touch is in the sensual passages mapping changes in the spies' Perceptions of the world as they become a goblet, a rose or a statue. Stories out of Omarie (coll 1995) collects tales based on the lays of Marie de France (> Romance): they are exotic and medieval in tone but Postmodern in their reinterpretation of the role of women and the powers of the storyteller. [HW]

Wendy Walker


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