Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Wakefield, H Russell

(1888-1964) UK writer, one-time private secretary to Lord Northcliffe, noted for his Ghost Stories, some of which rank alongside those of M R James, with whom he is sometimes compared. Although most of his stories are formulaic they are well crafted and frequently atmospheric, and often feature vengeful ghosts (> Vengeance). HRW was first inspired to write by an experience he had at a reputedly haunted house in 1917; this resulted in "The Red Lodge", in his first volume They Return at Evening (coll 1928). Other collections are Old Man's Beard (coll 1929; vt Others Who Returned 1929 US), Imagine a Man in a Box (coll 1931), Ghost Stories (coll 1932), A Ghostly Company (coll 1935), The Clock Strikes Twelve (coll 1940; cut vt Stories from The Clock Strikes Twelve 1961 US) and Strayers from Sheol (coll 1961), this last published by Arkham House. Richard Dalby compiled a volume of HRW's stories – including the later uncollected ones – as The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield (coll 1978). [MA]

Herbert Russell Wakefield


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