Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Vardeman, Robert E

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(1947-    ) US writer of huge productivity in various genres. His moderately inventive, action-packed but ultimately routine fantasy adventures began with the War of Powers series, all with Victor Milán: The Sundered Realm (1980), The City in the Glacier (1980), The Destiny Stone (1980) – these first three assembled as The War of Powers (omni 1984 UK) – and The Fallen Ones (1982), In the Shadow of Omizantrim (1982) and Demon of the Dark Ones (1982) – these latter assembled as The War of Powers II: Istu Awakened (omni 1985 UK). His solo work includes the Cenotaph Road series: Cenotaph Road (1983), The Sorcerer's Skull (1983), World of Mazes (1983), Iron Tongue (1984), Fire and Fog (1984) and Pillar of Night (1984). Another collaborative series is the Swords of Raemllyn, all with Geo. W Proctor (1946-    ): To Demons Bound (1985), A Yoke of Magic (1985), Blood Fountain (1985) – the first three assembled as Swords of Raemllyn: Book 1 (omni 1992 UK) – Death's Acolyte (1986), The Beasts of the Mist (1986), For Crown and Kingdom (1987) – the second three assembled as Swords of Raemllyn: Book 2 (omni 1992 UK) – and Swords of Raemllyn: Book 3 (coll 1995 UK), which assembles three book-length stories not published separately: "Blade of the Conqueror", "The Tombs of A'bre" and "The Jewels of Life". More solo work is: the Jade Demons series – The Quaking Lands (1985), The Frozen Waves (1985), The Crystal Clouds (1985) and The White Fire (1986), assembled as The Jade Demons Quartet (omni 1987 UK); the Keys to Paradise series, initially published as The Keys to Paradise as by REV (1986 UK), then in separate volumes as by Daniel Moran – The Flame Key (1987), The Skeleton Lord's Key (1987) and The Key of Ice and Steel (1988); and the Demon Crown series – The Glass Warrior (1989), Phantoms of the Wind (1989) and A Symphony of Storms (1990), assembled as The Demon Crown Trilogy (omni 1990 UK). REV has also written much sf and crime fiction. [DP]

other works (horror): The Screaming Knife (1990); A Resonance of Blood (1992); Death Channels (1992); The Accursed (coll 1994).

Robert Edward Vardeman


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