Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Vampires in Havana

(ot ¡Vampiros en La Habana!; vt The Vampires of Havana) Cuban Animated Movie (1985). Studio ICAIC/TV Española/Durniok. Pr Paco Prats. Dir Juan Padrón. Screenplay Padrón. Voice actors Irela Bravo, Carlos González, Frank González, Mirella Guillot, Manuel Marin, Padrón, Carmen Solar (movie lacks proper credits). 80 mins. Colour.

It is 1933. Since the Vampires of the world organized themselves under Dracula in 1870, two camps have sprung up – one in Chicago under Johnny Terrori, himself in hock to the sinister Al Tapone and running blood-raids rather like Prohibition-era crimes, the other in Düsseldorf. Banished years ago from Düsseldorf were the Count's son, Werner Amadeus von Dracula, and Werner's infant nephew, Joseph Emmanuel; now living in Havana, the former has perfected his formula that allows vampires to go out during daytime – indeed, Joseph (now generally known as Pepito or Pepe) has been reared on the stuff, and has no idea he is the Hidden Monarch of the Dracula clan. The Chicago mob descend on Havana (which currently suffers under the dictatorship of General Bachado), intent on suppressing the formula, because their company Vampire Beaches Inc. makes money persuading vampires to holiday at indoor pseudo-beaches; the European mob arrive to steal the formula, planning to sell the chemical worldwide as "Vampisol". In the end, Pepe is found to have been cured of vampirism by the formula, the Bachado regime falls and the two vampire mobs get their comeuppances.

The deceptive crudity of the animation adds considerably to the charm of this unflaggingly entertaining movie, which was first released subtitled in English in 1987. A herd of minor characters (e.g., a vampire who can metamorphose [> Metamorphosis] into a Wolf but alas finds himself the lust-object of every dog in Havana) keep the action rolling along merrily. [JG]

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