Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Uttley, Alison

Working name of UK children's writer Alice Jane Uttley (1884-1976). She was the second woman honours graduate of Manchester University, gaining a BSc in physics in 1909. Her first book, written despite the disapproval of her husband, was The Squirrel, The Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit (1929). After his death she supported herself and her only son by her writing, publishing over 30 Little Grey Rabbit tales and over 100 novels and collections in all, many using as background the Victorian farming community in Derbyshire where she grew up. Her most famous and successful novel for older children, A Traveller in Time (1939), is a fantasy based again on her rural childhood, concerning a local plot to murder Mary Queen of Scots in 1569 and a girl from the 20th century who uncontrollably Timeslips back 400 years to witness the tragedy. It reflects Uttley's interest in dreams, also discussed in her autobiography, The Stuff of Dreams (1953). [JF]

Alice Jane Uttley


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