Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Underhill, Evelyn

(1875-1941) UK writer and mystic, briefly a member of A E Waite's continuation of the Golden Dawn. Most of EU's writings were on religious topics although she is best remembered for her books on mysticism: Mysticism (1904), The Mystic Way (1913) and Practical Mysticism (1914). EU also explored the subject in a series of novels. The Grey World (1904; vt The Gray World 1904 US) deals with the Afterlife and Reincarnation – a young boy dies and finds himself in the eponymous hinterland of death. His desire for life brings him back to the living but with memory of his experiences. The Lost Word (1907) and The Column of Dust (1909) both concern the study of ritual Magic and power over the spirit world through the use of sounds and Spells. The last book bears comparison with The Human Chord (1910) by Algernon Blackwood. [MA]

Evelyn Underhill


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