Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Tuttle, Lisa

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(1952-    ) US-born writer, resident in the UK since 1980. She worked as a journalist for five years on a daily newspaper in Austin and was an early member of the Clarion SF Writer's Workshop. She sold her first story in 1971 and won the John W Campbell Award in 1974. Her first book, Windhaven (1981), was with George R R Martin. Much of LT's most powerful work has been in the fields of Dark Fantasy and Horror, with such novels as Familiar Spirit (1983), Gabriel: A Novel of Reincarnation (1987), Lost Futures (1992) and The Pillow Friend (1996). Many of her best short stories – "The Horse Lord" (1977), "Treading the Maze" (1981), "Bug House" (1980), "Sun City" (1980) and "Flying to Byzantium" (1985) – are collected in A Nest of Nightmares (coll 1986). Much of LT's fiction deals with fragile relationships combined with psychological or sexual Transformation, often with a strongly feminist slant (> Feminism). LT edited the acclaimed horror anthology by female authors, Skin of the Soul (1990). [SJ]

other works: Catwitch (1983), children's book with illustrator Una Woodruff; Children's Literary Houses (1984), children's book with Rosalind Ashe; Angela's Rainbow (1983), erotic fantasy; Encyclopedia of Feminism (1986), nonfiction; A Spaceship Built of Stone and Other Stories (coll 1987); Heroines: Women Inspired by Women (1988), nonfiction; Mike Harrison's Dreamlands (1990), text for art book; Memories of the Body: Tales of Desire and Transformation (coll 1992); Horrorscopes: Virgo, Snake Inside (1995), YA horror under hn "Maria Palmer"; Panther in Argyll (1996), YA fantasy.

Lisa Tuttle


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