Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Turnabout [tv]

US tv series (1979). Chertok Television/Universal/NBC. Pr Arnold Kayne, Michael Rhodes. Exec pr Sam Denoff. Dir Richard Crenna, William P D'Angelo, Arnold Laven, Alex March. Writers Steven Bochco, Michael Rhodes. Based on Turnabout (1931) by Thorne Smith. Starring Sharon Gless (Penny Alston), Bobbi Jordan (Judy Overmeyer), Bruce Kirby (Al Brennan), John Schuck (Sam Alston), James Sikking (Geoffrey St James), Richard Stahl (Jack Overmeyer). 13 30min episodes. Colour.

Sam and his wife Penny have become bored with their professions and each other, and are both convinced the other one has things better. Matters take a decidedly different turn when Penny buys a small statue from a gypsy, who tells her it has Magic powers. A casual comment about wishing they could trade places comes true, and they wake next morning in each other's bodies (> Identity Exchange). The episodes deal with the couple trying to pass as each other, and the bewilderment of their friends and neighbours over their "new" personalities. As expectable, there are lots of jokes about Sam having to deal with dressing like a woman and Penny's introduction to the men's locker room. [BC]

see also: Turnabout (1940).

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