Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Tucker's Witch

US tv series (1982-1983). Leonard Hill Films/CBS. Pr William Bast, Steve Kline, John Thomas LeNnox. Exec pr Leonard Hill, Philip Mandelker. Dir Corey Allen, Rod Daniel, Randa Haines, Peter H Hunt, Harvey S Laidman, Harry Winer. Writers Bast and many others. Starring Barbara Barrie (Ellen Hobbes) Catherine Hicks (Amanda Tucker), Tim Matheson (Rick Tucker), Bill Morey (Lt Sean Fisk), Alfre Woodard (Marcia Fulbright). Unaired pilot plus 12 60min episodes. Colour.

Amanda and Richard Tucker are PIs in Los Angeles; she is an apprentice Witch, still working to master Magic. Even though not always able to control her Spells, Amanda keeps trying to use them to help solve cases, much to Richard's displeasure. Her failures often place them at odds with a police detective who wanted them to stay off his cases, showing that some clichés are hard to lose. [BC]

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