Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Todd, Barbara Euphan

(1890-1976) UK writer active as an author of Children's Fantasy from The 'Normous Saturday Fairy Book (1924) with Marjory Royce and Moira Meighn. Most of her work is for younger readers; she remains of wider interest almost exclusively for the Worzel Gummidge sequence about the adventures of an animate scarecrow (see Animate/Inanimate): Worzel Gummidge, or The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook (1936), Worzel Gummidge Again (1937), parts of these two appearing as Worzel Gummidge: The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook Farm (1947 US) as by Barbara Bower, plus More About Worzel Gummidge (1938), Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (1947), Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday (1949), Worzel Gummidge and the Railway Scarecrows (1955), Worzel Gummidge at the Circus (1956), Worzel Gummidge and the Treasure Ship (1958) and Detective Worzel Gummidge (1963). The three Worzel Gummidge tv series, starring Jon Pertwee (1919-1996), were first shown in 1979-1981, 1987 and 1989. [JC]

Barbara Euphan Todd


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