Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Timlett, Peter Valentine

(1933-    ) UK writer of occult/New Age fantasy who was inspired to write fiction through what he learned by membership of the Society of Inner Light, the London-based occult group founded by Dion Fortune. His three published books form The Seedbearers trilogy; here PVT explores the idea of bearing the seed of knowledge and spiritual awareness up though the centuries. The Seedbearers (1974) is about the fall of Atlantis and the few who survive to pass the wisdom of the priests to the new world. It was followed by The Power of the Serpent (1976) and The Twilight of the Serpent (1977), the former about the building of Stonehenge, the latter about the conflict between the Culdees and the emergent Christian Church and the druids. After a long hiatus he returned to writing in the 1990s with a number of short stories. [JF]

Peter Valentine Timlett


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