Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Thompson, Paul B

(1958-    ) US writer whose first novel, Sundipper (1987), is sf, but who has since concentrated on ties and other works for the Games firm TSR. These include Red Sands * (1989) with Tonya R Carter, an Arabian Fantasy adventure, the first volume of the DragonLance Preludes sequence, Darkness and Light * (1989) with Carter, the first volume in the DragonLance Preludes II sequence, Riverwind: The Plainsman * (1990) with Carter, and two volumes in the Elven Nations TrilogyDragonLance: Firstborn * (1991; vt Elven Nations Trilogy #1: Firstborn 1991 UK) and DragonLance: The Qualinesti * (1991), both with Carter. PBT should not be confused with the historian Paul B Thompson (1951-    ). [JC]

other works: Thorn and Needle (1992).

Paul B Thompson


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