Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Thomas, Dylan

(1914-1953) Welsh poet, also playwright, prose writer and broadcaster; he died young of alcoholism. His work is of core interest to the literature of the Fantastic less because of its content than because of its Perception – a perception reflected in its Diction. Most of his poems have to be unpacked from a welter of fantasticated imagery; as a single example, "Fern Hill" (1946 in Deaths and Entrances coll 1946) is about childhood, but the imagery casts a glow of Magic Realism (although the term was not then used) over everything. Under Milk Wood (1954), a radio drama developed under the title «Quite Early One Morning», was first broadcast in 1954; a version of the first part was published as "Llareggub" (1952 Botteghe Oscure), Llareggub being the name of the fictitious Welsh village in which various funny and quasi-Surrealist events transpire. DT's work was enormously influential on the New Apocalypse Affinity Group of poets. Some years after DT's death the US singer-songwriter Robert Allen Zimmerman (1941-    ) took the name Bob Dylan in homage. [JG]

other works: 18 poems (coll 1934); Twenty-five Poems (coll 1936); The Map of Love (coll 1939), mixing poetry and prose; Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (coll 1940), semi-autobiographical short stories; The World I Breathe (coll 1940); Collected Poems, 1934-52 (coll 1952); Adventures in the Skin Trade (1955), unfinished novel; A Prospect of the Sea (coll 1955), stories and essays. Other books and chapbooks have been derived from this material.

Dylan Marlais Thomas


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